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1940' Ford Deluxe

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Published 26 June 2023
Updated 17 May 2024

Information from the owner

Body: Sports Car
Age: 84 years
Mileage: 22462 km
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Black
Interior: Air Conditioning
Exterior: Nerf Bars

Seller's comments about 1940' Ford Deluxe

You instantly notice a car like this 1940 Ford Tudor Sedan. It has a timeless style mixed with an attractive street rod flair. And with the upgraded V8 power, upgraded suspension, and a custom/comfy air-conditioned interior, you start to see how this is an all-around awesome build. And yes, that is a golden Elvis in the rear! The first thing to grab your attention is the paint. The black has a touch of the sinister side you want on a street machine. And just as important, the good gloss really lets the sunshine show off the curves of the steel body. And the closer people get, the more they see cool details, There are purple ghost flames that look great against the black, and you have ground effects lights. Plus, Elvis is airbrushed in gold and cleared over so its all as smooth as his voice. Its the kind of overall finish that knows how to impress and has only seen responsible use. In fact, were told this one has an interesting backstory where it spent a quarter-century waiting in a barn to be resurrected and in 2002 it got its wish with this full restoration/transformation. Theres even a nice photo file to document it. Part of this cars restoration also means building a cooler street machine. You see it in how the nerf bar bumpers give you an unobstructed view of the deeply dipping grille. Theres also the frenched license plate, blue tint headlights, side pipes, and shining 17-inch Eagle alloy wheels. The tasteful two-tone lavender tweed interior continues this coupes feeling of a thoughtful build, and it also really lets you know this one was made to be driven. Comfy high-back bucket seats, custom full armrest door panels, plush carpeting, and a smooth dash is all part of a comfortable style. There are more great amenities, like power windows, a custom center console with cup holders, a Pioneer AM/FM/CD stereo, and cold-blowing air conditioning. The upgraded billet-style sports steering wheel is on a tilt column, and so it gives you a clear view to the crisp VDO gauge panel. Theres even a large tach under the dash. Just like the rest of this classic, the engine bay has a thoughtfully assembled style. Theres a nice polish on the valve covers, pulleys, air grabber, and more. At the center is a 350 cubic-inch V8. It was built with the upgrades for power such as a Demon four-barrel carburetor, a Holley Street Dominator intake, and headers. Plus, a mild cam unleashes more power and a nice exhaust note. And when you really want a thunderous sound, this one also has exhaust cutouts to bypass the Flowmaster mufflers and feed the cool side pipes. Add in the reinforced Fatman chassis, Fatman Mustang II-style front end, power steering, power brakes, front discs, a three-speed automatic transmission, and ZR-rated sports tires, and this is a great all-around cruising classic. This is the thoughtfully customized Tudor sedan with the kind of comfort, power, and pizazz that Elvis would approve of. So if you want it all, dont let this one slip away. Call today!!!

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