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1974' MG N-Type (Repro)

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Body: Sports Car
Age: 49 years
Exterior: Tonneau Cover

(1930’s) MG N-Type Evocation Sports Special
If you have always dreamed of owning a superb 1930’s British Sportscar, like the iconic MG N-Type, but don’t fancy shelling out the 60 grand these rare models usually fetch, we may just have the solution.
This MG-bodied Evocation Special is very unusual car, no GRP body here, instead it uses a genuine re-claimed MG NA body (type B254, Factory Serial Nr 168/ 1196) and has many other genuine vintage MG components (valuable in themselves). It has been precision mated to post-war engine and running gear, consequently the external appearance looks extremely authentic and the driving experience remains very realistic too, but thankfully without the engineering shortcomings, of old generation brakes, steering and crash gearbox complexity etc.
It uses as a foundation a Special chassis constructed by innovative builders, Exo Sports Cars of Peel, IOM. And is powered by a BMC 1275 cc A-Series inline-four, 60 hp (45 kW) unit with syncro 4 speed box. MG Midget rear axle, Dual circuit braking system with Freelander Servo, Genuine MG NA fuel tank, TR3 radiator with authentic chrome shell from MG Y Type modified to fit. Sits on Wire Wheels 2, 5” x 18” same as fitted to the MG NA with Blockley tyres. Furthering the impressive level of detail.
The instrument panel gauges are mostly electronic reproductions. Interior upholstered to high standard with tailored carpets to tone and Doorcards with vintage sunburst motif.
The engine is reported to be in very good condition. All cylinders show a compression of 170 psi. The oil pressure shows no indication of undue wear.
To be absolutely clear, however, none of the engine or running gear parts on this car are of vintage origin.
It is categorised as a “Tourer” body type on the V5 with a declared chassis registration date of 1974, so requires seatbelts, windscreen washers, clear functioning indicators and rear reflectors, all of which it has. Being over 40 years old it still qualifies for free road tax and MOT exemption.
This wonderful and unique reproduction of an iconic pre-war MG, is unrepeatable. The labour intensive rebuild, not to mention the rare vintage MG body, would cost a small fortune to try and replicate today.
A guaranteed centre of attention at any Classic motoring event due to its show condition bodywork and interior. Also suitable for Classic Car Rallying or long distance touring with modern mechanical peace of mind and vastly improved safety and reliability. Exclusivity and comfort mixed with sportiness.
Comes with, Cherished plate, Seatbelts, Hood, Tonneau Cover, Toolbox, Folding Windscreen, Photographic history folder.
Marque History
The MG N-type is a sports car that was produced by MG Car Company Ltd from October 1934 to 1936. The car was developed from the K-Type and L-Type but had a new chassis that broke away in design from the simple ladder type used on the earlier cars of the 1930s being wider at the rear than the front and with the body fitted to outriggers off the main frame. Restored examples can be seen today, selling for around £60, 000.
For more info, or to arrange a viewing call John on number above anytime. Car located in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, transport arranged at £1 pr/ mile (one way only charged)

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