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1967' MINI 850

1967' MINI 850 photo #1
1967' MINI 850 photo #2
1967' MINI 850 photo #3
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Age: 57 years
Mileage: 77000 km
Displacement: 850 cc
Exterior color: White

Presented in 1959, the Austin Mini was small by the standards of the time, but today it is smaller. In a sea of ​​SUVs and Crossovers, a classic Mini remains a 'toy car'.
But if its dimensions seem like a joke, the engineering and design are far from it. Thanks to the engine placed in a transverse position, a giant innovation in 1959, and the axles positioned at the ends of the body, the little Englishman easily accommodated four adults inside. In 2014, a group of 27 girls got into a classic Mini. A Record registered in the Guinness Book and which attests to how spacious the small Anglo-Saxon city is.
The truth is that the Mini also combined with its versatility an agility and driving pleasure worthy of a sports car.
With an 848cc engine powered by a single carburetor, 34 hp and a 4-speed gearbox, the Mini 850 is not, nor has it ever aimed to be, a vehicle with sporting pretensions (for that we have the Cooper S). However, the low driving position, the light and direct steering and its wheelbase guarantee an absolutely unique driving experience.
It’s impossible to avoid the cliché – the classic Mini is an authentic ‘road kart’. And even in the city, where speeds are low and traffic lights appear on every corner like mushrooms, the Mini 850, and its 34 hp, are delicious.
This 850 De Luxe, from 1967, is, as the name suggests, the most luxurious version, and is frankly ‘like new’. It has undergone a careful restoration that respects all the originality of the time, which guarantees it the certificate of historical interest

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