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1948' MG TC

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  • 1948 MG TC in Belgien
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Karosserie: Cabrio
Außenfarbe: Rot

A fully restored MG TC bought in South-Africa from '48 in perfect, driving condition.

This MG was painted in a lovely red color and restored to the details, there is no visual damage on the body. And the frame has ben completely restored and painted aswel, and the wooden structure of the body is good.

The wooden dashboard is in a brand new condition and only has a small scratch on the passenger side. All gauges are working and restored. The seats have been recovered in original material and color, and have no damage of wear. Also the canvas convertible top is new with no sign of stains or rips.

All mechanics have been rebuild and are in a perfect working, driving condition. No smoke, vibrations, strange noises. Just a lovely car to drive.

The MG started it's life in MG factory in England and was send during his lifetime to South-Africa, were it was used as decoration in a showroom. We bought this car on holiday in South-Africa and brought it back to Europe. No further history known of this MG TC.

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  • Belgien
  • 29 Januar 2021