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1926' Chrysler Series 58 Tourer

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A|B|C Live Auction Online, 27th May 2020

1926 Chrysler Series 58 Tourer
Estimate: £9,000 - £11,000

Registration No: DS 8570
Chassis No: F91953
MOT: Exempt

Motor Car Location: Southport

- Exported new to Australia (hence RHD confirguration) and imported to the UK c.1990
- Said to be 'remarkably original for a 94-year old car' with its original engine, coachwork and running gear
- Well maintained during the current twenty-three year ownership and used as a wedding car

H&H are indebted to the vendor for the following description:

"The Chrysler 58 is a 4-cylinder 3 litre, 3-speed transmission car built in the first year of operation of the new Chrysler Corporation. Walter P. Chrysler was already a successful businessman when he commenced manufacturing cars, and in order to get underway with the least possible delay, he bought the Maxwell Motors company and effectively “badge engineered” the cars to carry the Chrysler name, albeit having ironed out some of the deficiencies of the Maxwell design. It was way ahead of its European rivals, with 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, electric start and Chromium plating, believed to be the first such use on a mass produced vehicle. The cars were exported in CKD form all over the world. The “58” apparently refers to the top speed.

I have owned this car since 1997, and it has been a popular and reliable wedding car for the last 23 years. It was also in use for that purpose with the previous keeper. The car was exported new to Australia (hence the RHD), and although little is known of its life there the car is for the most part totally original. It appears to have the original body, chassis, major running components, hickory spoked wheels and brightwork. There is no evidence of rust damage or previous rust repair and no evidence of filler. There is no evidence of wood rot, and the frame appears to be the factory original with no obvious sign of previous repairs. It is incredibly rare to find a 94 year old car in such condition.

The car has had a colour change probably about 30 years ago, as there is a small photo of the car in a rather lurid yellow and brown colour scheme, and there is evidence in hidden areas of the yellow paint. I believe it was imported in 1990.

The car starts and drives how it should, the Dodge Brothers gearbox is crude though and it must be said leaks oil (through unsatisfactory design), and it takes mastery to drive without the odd crunch. For this reason, I had intended to fit a modern gearbox, designed to fit without any irreversible alterations, and I found a Mercedes Sprinter gearbox could be installed in this way, as it is dimensionally similar, with the gear stick emerging through the same hole in the floorboard astonishingly, and offers useable ratios and an overdrive 5th gear as well. I got quite some way with this project, and included in the sale is a disassembled Sprinter box, templates of the components required and some notes on how the conversion would be done.

An electric fuel pump has been fitted (before my ownership), and works well without flooding. The original Autovac is also present, and could be re-connected without much trouble if required. There is a trunk with the car, and a full set of side curtains (8 pieces all together) which are in good useable condition, though the clear sections are yellowed. There is a jack, jack handle and wheelbrace present.

The electrical components (what there are of them) all work and the car has flashing indicators fitted. The speedometer is disconnected, and has never worked in my ownership.

During the last 23 years, I have stripped and checked the engine, refurbished the engine bearings (white metal), renewed the brake hydraulics, had the steering box overhauled, cleaned and re-packed the hubs, and overhauled the transmission brake and renewed the flexible drive on the rear of the propshaft".

Vendor Condition Ratings:

Bodywork: 'Very Good'
Engine: 'Very Good'
Electrical Equipment: 'Very Good'
Paintwork: 'Very Good'
Gearbox: 'Good'
Interior Trim: 'Very Good'

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  • Grande Bretagne
  • 23 Mai 2020