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1973' Datsun 240Z

1973' Datsun 240Z photo #1
1973' Datsun 240Z photo #2
1973' Datsun 240Z photo #3
1973' Datsun 240Z photo #4
1973' Datsun 240Z photo #5
1973' Datsun 240Z photo #6
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Body: Coupe
Age: 51 years
Mileage: 78900 km
Displacement: 2800 cc
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Grey
Interior: Power Steering

It's time to part with my 1973 Datsun 240Z, registered as private in Poland, available for viewing in Gdynia.
The car has only 49,000 miles on it
The 100% factory condition of the 51-year-old interior allows us to believe that it is real.
I imported the car 7 years ago myself from the USA as a factory brown car, ready to drive (there are photos for viewing), the bodywork is close to perfect and later for a few years in cooperation with Jakub Nurzaj
founder of the Datsun Europe community, we modified it to suit my needs.
My idea for this Datsun was to make it look like a factory original from the outside and: accelerate better, reverse easier when the mood strikes.
it braked better, held the road better, generally drove more modernly but
without losing the character of the factory 240z, just to make it a classic for fast driving and not just for cruising and watching.
4 years ago, the car was completely dismantled from the outside, including windows, seals, all chrome accessories (chrome around the windows, emblems), engine, gearbox.
It was painted in the renowned MADO paint shop in the painting chamber, including the recesses and the engine compartment, in the color from the Ford Pepper Gray (Metalic) palette.
because I decided that this is what I dream of in combination with the light sand interior and in my opinion it contrasts well enough with the chrome, the same one as the Mustang Shelby GT-500 Eleonore (cost EUR 4,500) (Datsun was factory dark brown)
Today, it still looks beautiful from every side, including from the bottom :)
The engine has undergone a general overhaul, including replacing the block with a 2.8 from 280Z, honing, head renovation, new flattop compression pistons (10.5:1),
new from the box: all bearings, gaskets, timing, belts, oil and water pumps, ignition cables, spark plugs, coil. (total EUR 5,800)
Currently, it has about 190 horses of maximum power, which, with a weight of about 1,100 kg, makes it feel like a very fast and agile vehicle :)
From the outside, the car has brand new hatch seals, windows, bumpers, some emblems and an airdam (similar to the racing versions from the 1970s)
The chassis has been preserved, the bogies, arms and rockers have been cleaned and powder coated, the screws have been chemically cleaned and galvanized.
Part of the inside of the car was not dismantled for painting because, according to Kuba Nurzaja, the probability of breaking a few plastic elements was too high, and the well-preserved 100% factory interior of the 240 is an ultra rarity in the world.
Now the list of modifications (I would like to point out that many of them are parts that are very difficult to obtain on the market, for those who are curious, here are the market prices of the parts, excluding labor):
-LSD (sparring) after revision from Subaru STI, adapted with custom flanges for the stock diff (EUR 1,200) from DTSN EU
-5-speed gearbox from 280Z after revision, brand new synchronizers installed, and a new clutch with a Kevlar disc (5th gear makes operation very easy
with a car on expressways, a comfortable traveling speed of 150 km/h is not a problem) (EUR 1000)
- Air conditioning installed at an authorized Nissan service center (there is an invoice of USD 3,200)
-Electric power steering from DTSN EU (800 EUR)
-New thicker Suspension techniques stabilizers from DTSN EU (500 EUR)
-New Eibach lowering springs from DTSN EU (300 EUR)
-New set of polyurethane suspension parts (EUR 300)
-New harder Tokico shock absorbers from DTSN EU (EUR 700)
-New front 4-roller brakes from Toyota plus ventilated discs with new pads from DTSN EU (EUR 300)
-New 2-piston rear brakes from Nissan plus ventilated discs from DTSN EU (EUR 250)
-Exhaust manifold plus the entire exhaust including the Bad Exhaust stainless steel rear muffler (made in Poland) from DTSN EU (EUR 1,200)
-Set of 3 WEBER DCOE 45 double carburetors (6 throttles) based on KN filters and a custom adapter from DTSN EU (EUR 3,100)
-New Custom Made Mats with 240Z Emblems (150 EUR)
-New, practically unavailable, original Japanese SSR rims 16”x5.5” (super light 5kg each) with 205/50/16 TOYO R1R tires (EUR 4,700) from DTSN EU
The car comes with free: original brakes, airdam, stabilizers.
The car was described in Classic Auto magazine (free paper copy), and was widely described and shown on YT on the LeszkoMotoTV channel link:, it also participated twice in successful classic car trackday.

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  • 1 April 2024
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